Affordable Air Conditioner Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Local and professional aircon cleaning services in Melbourne by Hilux Cleaning Services. Improve air quality and performance with our expert technicians.

Benefits Of Air Conditioner Cleaning In Melbourne

Improved air quality, enhanced energy efficiency, extended lifespan, optimal performance, reduced allergens, odor elimination, and peace of mind.

Our Air Conditioner Cleaning Process

  1. Inspection
  2. Pre-Cleaning Preparation
  3. Filter Cleaning
  4. Coil Cleaning
  5. Drainage Cleaning
  6. Fan and Motor Cleaning
  7. Inspection and Testing
  8. Post-Cleaning Cleanup

Types Of Air Conditioners We Clean

Types Of Air Conditioners We Clean In Melbourne

  • Split Systems: We specialize in cleaning split system air conditioners, including wall-mounted units and ducted split systems.
  • Window Units: Our technicians are experienced in cleaning window air conditioners commonly found in residential and small commercial spaces.
  • Portable Air Conditioners: We offer cleaning services for portable AC units, ensuring efficient operation and clean air in any room.
  • Central Air Conditioning: We clean central air conditioning systems, including the air handler, ductwork, and vents, for comprehensive cleaning and improved performance.
  • Commercial Air Conditioners: Our services extend to cleaning air conditioning systems in commercial buildings, offices, retail spaces, and other commercial settings.

No matter the type of air conditioner you have, our team at Hilux Cleaning Services is equipped to handle the cleaning and maintenance needs of various AC systems in Melbourne.

Expert Air Conditioner Cleaning Services for Commercial and Residential Properties in Melbourne

For commercial properties, such as offices, retail spaces, and restaurants, we understand the importance of maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment for employees and customers. Our thorough cleaning process focuses on removing dust, allergens, and contaminants from the air conditioning system to improve indoor air quality and promote a pleasant atmosphere.

For residential properties, we cater to all types of air conditioning systems, including split systems, window units, portable ACs, and central air conditioning. Our technicians use effective cleaning techniques to remove built-up dirt, mold, and allergens, ensuring your home’s air is fresh and clean.

Whether you have a small residential unit or a large commercial system, you can rely on Hilux Cleaning Services for professional air conditioner cleaning in Melbourne.

How Much Does Aircon Cleaning Cost?

Aircon clean costs in Melbourne typically range from $100 to $300 on average. For accurate pricing, it is recommended to contact our professionals.

Repair or Replace: Determining the Best Course of Action for Your Air Conditioner

Repair or replace air conditioners based on factors like age, extent of problem, repair costs, energy efficiency, and performance. Consult HVAC professional for expert advice.

How often does my air conditioning system need to be cleaned?

Clean residential air conditioning systems annually. Commercial systems vary in frequency based on usage and environment. Consult an HVAC professional for personalised recommendations.

What is reverse cycle air conditioning?

Reverse cycle air conditioning provides both cooling and heating capabilities. It extracts heat from the outdoor air to heat the indoor space during winter and removes heat from the indoor air to cool the space in summer. It offers year-round comfort and energy efficiency.

The best way to keep your air conditioner in peak condition

To keep your air conditioner in peak condition:

  • Clean/replace air filters regularly.
  • Clear debris around the outdoor unit.
  • Schedule professional maintenance annually.
  • Maintain proper airflow and temperature.
  • Protect outdoor unit from direct sunlight.
  • Use ceiling fans to circulate air.

What Brands Do We Service?

We service various air conditioning brands, including Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Daikin, Panasonic, Kelvinator, Carrier, LG, Samsung, Hitachi, and Toshiba.

Do Air Conditioners Need Cleaning?

Air conditioners need regular cleaning for optimal performance, efficiency, and indoor air quality.

How Long Does Aircon Cleaning Take In Melbourne?

Aircon cleaning in Melbourne typically takes 1 to 2 hours, but it may vary based on the system’s size and condition.

How Do You Clean A Split Air Type Conditioner?

To clean a split air conditioner, remove and clean the filters, wipe the indoor unit surfaces, remove debris from the outdoor unit, and reassemble.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Smell In Air Conditioner?

To eliminate the smell in your air conditioner: clean or replace the filters, clean the evaporator coils, check the condensate drain, remove debris from the outdoor unit, and consider using an odor neutralizer. If the issue persists, seek professional assistance.

Can A Dirty Air Conditioner Affect My Health?

A dirty air conditioner can impact your health by reducing indoor air quality, promoting mold and bacteria growth, causing foul odors, and potentially weakening your immune system. Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial for maintaining a healthy environment.

How Can I Know If My AC Coil Is Dirty?

A dirty AC coil can result in reduced cooling efficiency, increased energy consumption, poor airflow, ice formation, and unpleasant odors. It’s best to have a professional HVAC technician inspect and clean the coil if needed.

How Often Should You Clean AC Coils?

AC coils should be cleaned at least once a year, but more frequent cleaning may be necessary in areas with high levels of pollutants or if you notice reduced cooling performance or ice formation.

What’s the difference between a service and an Eco Clean?

  • Service: Comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the air conditioning system to ensure efficient and effective operation.
  • Eco Clean: Specialised cleaning service using eco-friendly products and methods to remove contaminants and improve indoor air quality.