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Duct replacement is a procedure which you need to replace the worn out ducts. When you replace your ducts, you can replace it with a metal or you can replace it with a flexible duct. 

Maintaining your duct system is very important and you should only trust the job to a professional. Hiring a professional can be very expensive and you want to make sure they do the job right the first time. Thus, for cost-effective and expert duct replacement, only trust Hilux Cleaning Services.

Duct Cleaning & Its Benefits

When making an agreement with a professional to clean or replace your ducts, it is important to know what will be done during the cleaning. Only a thorough cleaning can prevent contamination from spreading throughout your road system as well. Each of the following will receive a thorough inspection and cleaning:

  • Air ducts
  • Air registers
  • Diffusers and grilles
  • Heat exchanges
  • Heating and cooling coils
  • Drainage pipes
  • Follower, including housing and car
  • HVAC unit housing

There are many benefits to cleaning your plumbing, but these six are at the top of our customer list.

  1. Minimizes the levels of dirt and debris
  2. Minimizes the levels of other toxins
  3. Minimizes symptoms from allergies and asthma
  4. Keep your HVAC system in place
  5. Ensure your home is safe

Why Choose Hilux Services’ Effective Duct Cleaning in Melbourne?

Hilux Services are the specialists you need in Melbourne to clean your ducts efficiently and affordably. Our team is highly qualified and experienced to clean the dirtiest of the ducts safely, without affecting your day to day lives. Call us right away at 0455 731 251 to know more.

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    • Competitive Pricing
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    • 24×7 Availablity

    • Serving Melbourne-Wide