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  • Service by certified carpet cleaners

  • Using professional-grade deep cleaning machines

  • Removing common domestic stains and odours

  • Eco-friendly cleaning methods

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    Professional Carpet Cleaning for Residential and Commercial Properties In Melbourne

    Carpets in Melbourne homes and businesses get dirty and stained from daily use, which affects their appearance and poses health risks. Dirty carpets can breed bacteria and allergens, causing respiratory issues and allergies, making the property less comfortable and appealing.

    Hilux Cleaning provides professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne. Our advanced techniques and equipment remove visible and hidden contaminants, leaving your carpets clean and fresh. We offer tailored treatments for stains, odours, and deep-seated dirt, improving your indoor environment.

    Apart from we also provide the following commercial and residential cleaning services:

    • Mattress Cleaning

    • Rug Cleaning

    • Fabric Sofa Cleaning and Protection

    • Leather Cleaning and Protection

    • Wet carpet cleaning

    • Pet Urine Carpet Cleaning

    Elevate Your Space with Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Procedure

    Our +1000 successful steam carpet cleaning Melbourne services follow our core procedures, even with our same-day carpet cleaning service promise!

    • We first measure the carpet area for accurate quotes on steam carpet cleaning costs.

    • Analyse the condition and state of the carpet to decide on suitable cleaning methods.

    • Based on the condition identification, we finalise whether it needs heavy stain removal, steam cleaning or dry standard cleaning.

    • Whichever cleaning method is chosen, we begin by using a biodegradable cleaning compound to eliminate typical stains.

    • The next step would involve seeping the cleaning solution into the carpet fibres to cleanse it of spots, stains, and rooted soil.

    • A steam cleaning process is performed to rinse the carpet fibres, including applying a non-toxic deodoriser.

    • Ultimately, the carpet is steam cleaned and vacuumed to prepare it for use.

    Advantages of Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

    Your carpet should be cleaned professionally once or twice a year, depending on how often you spill something or get dirty. The following are some of the benefits of carpet cleaning services.

    • Increase the life of your carpet: Another great benefit of carpet cleaning service is that it helps extend the life of your carpet. Over time, dirt, dust, allergies, and other carcasses accumulate on the carpet and then penetrate the fibres, which in turn causes the fibres to split and shrink.

    • It helps in achieving a healthier living environment. The high temperature of the water used by many professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne kills these allergies so that they no longer pose a health threat and leave the carpet’s surface completely clean.

    • Removes Carpet Tough Stains: Using a hot water extraction method, experts can remove stains from Coffee spills, Dirt and mud, Ink, animal Spots, and Red wine. After professional carpet cleaning, you don’t have to worry about looking in the wrong places or being embarrassed in front of guests.

    • Magnifies the overall appearance of the room. Did you know that carpeting is the biggest asset in a room? And it is the one that gets the most use. It makes sense, but not many people think much about how much dirt is followed daily.

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      How Carpet Dry Cleaning Differs from Steam Cleaning

      Depending on your requirements, apartment carpet cleaning Melbourne services are primarily offered in both forms. The steam and dry-cleaning services are available within the same-day cleaning options, but they differ in some respects.

      The steam cleaning services involve spraying high-pressure jets of water in the steam form onto the carpet. After it, the water is sucked out by a vacuum in no time, making those carpets ready for use near-immediately. As for the dry-cleaning method, the carpet is treated with a dry solution that breaks down the oily residues and dirt.

      Still, there may be considerable drawbacks with both types of solutions. However, Hilux Cleaning makes it safer by using solutions containing acidic and alkaline cleaning compounds. They contribute to breaking dirt and releasing oils, which are then lifted using exothermic processes, efficiently cleaning the carpets.

      The Benefits of Carpet Dry Cleaning

      Carpets exist to keep the surroundings clean of muddy and wet footprints, apart from serving an aesthetical purpose. But there are several benefits of keeping your carpets clean, whether they belong at home, in offices, or industries. The following are the primary benefits that can be obtained by hiring professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne:

      • Get a neat-looking carpet after an efficient dry-cleaning service that makes it useable immediately.
      • Your carpet protects against bacteria, microbes, pathogens, and other harmful debris.

      • It will restore the original chemical structure of the carpet to make it appear and feel vibrant and new.
      • The top-rated carpet cleaning solutions will dismiss wet-carpet odour to add a pleasant but mild fragrance.
      • Our complete carpet cleaning system removes more stubborn stains than its alternatives.

      • Carpets are treated carefully without excess heat or water to prevent shrinkage and stretch during cleaning.
      • A solvent-based carpet cleaning substance removes all stains without leaving any chemical residuals.
      • Before cleaning, a pre-vacuum routine is planned to eliminate dry debris and soil particles.

      Reasons Why Homeowners Prefer Our Carpet Dry Cleaning Service in Melbourne

      When you look for carpet cleaning near me, you can get several options, but Hilux Cleaning stands out. Our varied cleaning services, especially our Carpet Dry Cleaning service, are appreciated by hundreds of satisfied clients for the following reasons:

      • Our Carpet Cleaning Services guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction.

      • Hilux Cleaning has over a decade of industry experience offering reliable cleaning solutions.

      • Our Carpet Cleaning Specialists are trained in various methods and scenarios for suitable cleaning of carpets, rugs, tiles, etc.

      • The cleaning jobs we accept are treated with care and attention to prevent damage and wear.

      • Our Same Day Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne, Victoria, is available 24×7.

      • We use specialised cleaning practices combining acidic and alkaline solutions to remove greasy stains. It helps to prevent us from using harsh methods.

      • Hilux Carpet Dry Cleaning sanitisation lasts up to 4 months until it wears out eventually, but without leaving four odour(s).

      Our Carpet Dry Cleaning Results

      • Professional carpet cleaning Melbourne solutions that use the best method serve multiple purposes and return the best results. For starters, they double the carpet’s life by making it cleaner, allowing you to save thousands of dollars on carpet replacement.

      • Another beneficial aspect of carpet dry cleaning is that it renews the lustre of the fibres. By removing the soiling and debris that eventually cause the carpet to wear out faster, the carpet remains intact for longer. Harmful organisms like germs, mould, fungi, and bacteria are also eliminated.

      • Still, it’s ideal to obtain such professional cleaning services because repeated vacuuming and spot removal can harm the carpets. The conventional steam cleaning option may remain preferred, but it’s not always ideal. Therefore, our method is revolutionary as it uses far less water, leaves no chemical residues, and prepares the carpet for use.

      Carpet Dry Cleaning

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        Carpet Steam Cleaning

        Which Carpet Fabrics Are Perfect for Steam Cleaning?

        Choose the correct cleaning method for different fabrics. Look at the list below and determine which carpet fabrics are best for steam cleaning. Make an informed decision when using our carpet cleaning services in Melbourne.

        • 100% Wool: It is usually an expensive fabric prone to easy damage and is also among the most absorbent.

        • Nylon: It is the most common choice for carpet fibre but is moisture-resistant.

        • Polyester: It is pretty durable, but greasy stains on it are difficult to remove.

        • Acrylic: Despite being less durable than polyester and nylon, it offers better stain resistance.

        • Polypropylene: It is also equally popular as it doesn’t shrink and is easier to clean.

        Stain Removal and Spot Dye Services in Melbourne

        Stained carpets look dirtier than spoiled ones, but you can correct their appearance and permanently remove their stains with Hilux Cleaning. The carpet and tile cleaning Melbourne services we offer can also provide stain removal and spot dyeing services.

        Some stains are beyond cleaning, caused by elements that change the composition of carpet fibre. Removing their effect from your carpet will be attempted, but the leftover discolouration is treated with our spot dye service. Common examples of what can alter the composition of your carpet include the use of bleaches or pet urine, acne treatments, and medications.

        The full service helps to remove the stains and discolouration from carpets and rugs by matching the discoloured carpet areas with their original colour. So, when your carpet or rug has discolouration damage or stains caused by pet urines, curry, bleach, etc., we can restore them for you.

        Hilux Stain Removal and Spot Dye services can effectively match the discolouration or fadedness caused by sunlight, flooding (water damage) and other agents.

        Pet Urine and Odour Treatments in Melbourne

        The foul smell of pet urine can be troublesome and cleaning it from furniture and carpets without alertness can cost you plenty. But the carpet cleaning bayside Melbourne technicians from Hilux Cleaning have all the equipment required to clean it spic and shine.

        Our various techniques, methods, and chemicals can remove urine from carpets, rugs, sofas, etc. Cleaning urine off the carpet or sofa is usually easier when it hasn’t seeped into the surface. However, you still have options if the pet urines are in the same spot and have breached the underlay to reach the floor.

        Steam cleans the carpet fibre only; do not distil it in water completely. Treat the urine area of the carpet with urine removal solutions and water to effectively clean the underlay. Some severe cases may require you to lift the carpet and perform the treatments mentioned above underneath it.

        Pet Urine and Odour Treatments in Melbourne

        Water Damage Wet Carpet in Melbourne

        Cleaning water spillage is a chore, but restoring water damage is best suited for professionals. Events such as washing machine overflow, bath overflow, burst pipe, rainwater from the balcony, etc., can discolour your rugs and carpets.

        While you may try soaking up the spills, it’s not about cleaning and letting the carpet dry. The crux of the matter is to dry up the underlay of the carpet/mattress and the concrete or wooden floor. Not doing so can cause mould and odour problems inside your property.

        But you have nothing to worry about when we offer the Same Day Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne, Victoria. Our services will include water damage wet carpet cleaning solutions in the following manner:

        1. Our professional technicians will arrive at the site with powerful vacuum extraction equipment to remove water.
        2. We will then apply the browning treatment on the carpet to prevent stubborn water stains.
        3. The furniture on your property will be moved or placed on foam blocks to limit their damage by water.
        4. Our technicians will lift a carpet corner to examine the damage underneath it.
        5. In the meantime, we will place drying equipment like dehumidifiers or air movers on the site to allow the area to dry.
        6. We will communicate with you until the premises are dry to check progress.
        7. After the premises are well and dry, we will relay the carpet and underlay it.
        8. Lastly, we will perform our top-rated Steam Cleaning and Deodorisation services on the carpet, which marks the restoration completion.

        We want to inform you that the drying equipment might take up to 24 to 48 hours to dry an area like your bedroom properly. Furthermore, we will not attempt carpet restoration and cleaning services in cases of sewage overflow since Australian standards do not recommend it.

        Carpet Cleaning Cost in Melbourne

        The carpet cleaning cost is calculated on a per-square-foot basis. Our residential carpet cleaning in Melbourne cost is free of all hidden charges. So, the price we provide to you already includes Vacuuming, pre-spray, and stain pre-treatment. It also covers the cost of all materials, equipment, and labour.

        Hence, at Hilux Cleaning, we offer distinct carpet cleaning quotes for Industrial, residential, and commercial cleaning purposes in Melbourne. For precise pricing, don’t hesitate to contact our team at (03) 4240 3531 and provide them with your specific details and requirements.

        Why Trust Us for Carpet Cleaning?

        • Expertise and Experience: Carpet cleaners handle stains, odours, and damage, using their expertise and equipment for different carpet types.

        • Quality Results: Professional cleaners use advanced equipment and solutions to deep clean and thoroughly clean carpets, improving the overall appearance of your home.

        • Time and Energy Savings: Hiring professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne saves time and energy, giving you more freedom for other tasks or activities.

        • Health Benefits: Carpets can trap allergens, dust, and pollutants, affecting air quality and health. Professional cleaning removes these, creating a healthier environment.

        • Polypropylene: It is also equally popular as it doesn’t shrink and is easier to clean.

        • Prolonged Carpet Life: Regular cleaning can extend carpet life by removing dirt, debris, and stains, saving you money.

        • Eco-Friendly Solutions: At Hilux Cleaning, we offer eco-friendly commercial and residential carpet cleaning that is safe for your family, pets, and the environment.

        • Convenience: Cleaners work on your schedule, so you can clean your carpets when it suits you. They handle residential and commercial carpet cleaning.

        • Guaranteed Results: Carpet cleaning services offer guarantees to ensure satisfaction and address issues promptly.


        Yes. Carpets can accumulate hair follicles, dirt, gravel, wet soil, and other debris. Additionally, unclean carpets foster germs, bacteria, and pathogens that can harm kids and pets. It is therefore recommended to have carpets cleaned professionally.
        Although its good practice, tenants are not legally required to pay for carpet cleaning costs in Melbourne after their lease.
        Check the lease agreement and communicate with the landlord to determine if cleaning carpets is necessary before moving out. Failure to do so may result in deductions from the security deposit.
        Cleaning the carpet may require moving the furniture if it's placed on it. The cleaning process also becomes simpler, preventing the furniture from damage.
        Carpet cleaning does not always result in completely clear water. Hot water extraction is commonly used, involving pre-treatment, agitation, and extraction. The water may not be clear as it carries away dirt and contaminants. The goal is to leave the carpets cleaner and refreshed.
        The steam-cleaned carpet might take 4-8 hours to dry completely. In contrast, cleaned carpets with regular solutions like shampoos and water could take 8-24 hours to dry.
        A professional carpet cleaning technician takes about an hour to clean two rooms of carpet area. Based on it, a single room can take about 30 minutes. With more areas being covered, like stairs, corridors, etc., it might take over 80 minutes.
        Usually, the carpet should dry between 6-8 hours when you have hired professionals. Otherwise, drying a carpet completely can take up to 24 hours.
        The timeline of carpet cleaning depends on the chosen method required to clean the carpet. However, approximately 20 minutes are needed to clean a twelve-by-twelve carpet.
        Professional carpet cleaning should not leave carpets smelling. If yours does, don't hesitate to contact the technicians and check for the carpet becoming wet due to any possible factors.
        The carpet material and size help determine the cost of carpet cleaning. A professional carpet cleaning service may ask for $160-$200 for standard-sized rooms.

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