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      Did you know indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor air quality?

      Air quality affects health directly. Based on statistical data, air pollution in Australia causes an astounding 4,880 preventable deaths annually. The air we inhale is one of the most critical aspects of our existence. Poor office air conditioning can harm productivity, spread diseases, and affect moods. The same applies at home.

      The buildup of allergens, dust, and debris in the ducts and vents of your air conditioning system can lower air quality and have adverse health effects. Regular professional duct cleaning services are recommended every 3-5 years to remove contaminants and allergens while improving indoor air quality.

      Duct maintenance is crucial for a healthy environment in offices and homes. Neglecting it may seem cost-effective, but it increases energy bills, triggers health issues, and poses a risk of rodents in ducts, leading to further damage.

      If your ducts need cleaning, call the Hilux Cleaning. we are using advanced equipment, our skilled technicians carry out all residential and commercial duct cleaning work to the highest standards.

      Affordable Duct Cleaning Company In Melbourne

      Types of Air Duct Cleaning

      There are two types of duct cleaning; depending on the type of equipment in use:

      • Rotary Brush System: The rotary brush system uses a small-sized nozzle with the typical vacuum airflow being around 150 to 300 cfm. Larger debris blocks the nozzle, suitable for fine particles like dust. Moreover, the integrated coil cleaning ability is not ideal at best. The system’s brush is too large to pass through the dampers, in case the air conditioning system contains them.

      • Pull Vacuum System: With a typical airflow of around 2000 cfm, the pull vacuum system can deal with larger construction debris, dead rodents, or toys stuck in the ductwork. The air hose is also small enough to pass through dampers if the ductwork has them. Since the Air sweep and brush of the system are exceedingly small in diameter, they are much more manoeuvrable through smaller ductwork.

      Types of Air Duct Cleaning

      Protect Against Allergens With Our Duct Cleaning Services

      To avoid circulating contaminated air that can trigger asthma and allergies, it’s essential to have your ducts cleaned professionally. Hilux Cleaning is your top choice for ducted air conditioning cleaning in Melbourne.

      Our expert team will efficiently remove debris and dust from your ducts. They offer top-notch cleaning and repair services for damaged ducts, including:-

      Air Ducted Heating Cleaning

      Air ducts play a crucial role in heating and cooling systems. Yet, their maintenance is often overlooked, resulting in the accumulation of dirt and dust. Neglected air ducts can become breeding grounds for harmful microbes and pests, presenting health and safety risks. Regular air duct cleaning is essential to address this issue.

      As a renowned company, Hilux Cleaning offers professional duct cleaning services in Melbourne. Our trained professionals thoroughly clean the entire ventilation system, including the blower, evaporator coils, and air ducts, improving indoor air quality and system efficiency.

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      Vent Cleaning

      Clean air ducts, HVAC systems, and dryer vents are crucial for healthy air and fire safety. Regular vent cleaning removes dust, allergens, mould, and debris, improving air quality, efficiency, and longevity.

      Invest in our floor duct and vent cleaning service for a safer and more comfortable living or working environment. Our professional floor duct cleaning specialists have the latest and safest equipment and employ state-of-the-art technology to clear your vents quickly and efficiently.

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      Duct Odour Removal

      Maintaining odour-free spaces, whether at home or in the office, is essential for a pleasant living and working experience. Persistent odours emanating from ducts can lead to discomfort in living areas and reduced productivity.

      Regular duct cleaning is crucial for addressing this issue, as it’s typically due to the accumulation of dirt, grime, unpleasant smells, dust, and organic matter, potentially from rodents, in the ductwork. Moreover, these odours can signal the presence of disease-causing pathogens circulating through the air via the HVAC system.

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      Duct Repair And Replacement

      Duct Repair and Replacement

      Maintaining your HVAC system’s performance is crucial for comfort and efficiency. Professional services address duct issues efficiently, including: –

      • Duct Repair: Fix leaks and damage to boost energy efficiency and system longevity.
      • Duct Replacement: For severely damaged or contaminated ducts, installing clean, efficient ductwork ensures better air quality and reduced energy consumption.
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      Flood Restoration

      Water damage is a critical issue for homes and buildings. We have extensive experience in managing and repairing water damage. Immediate action is essential for internal damage, as it worsens rapidly. There’s a bit more time for external damage, but it’s still serious.

      Hilux Cleaning water damage cleaners have the expertise and equipment to prevent further damage. Our flood restoration professionals are available 24/7 for emergencies. Contact us at (03) 4240 3531 without delay.

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        Our Duct Cleaning Process

        Hilux Cleaning provides a reliable duct and Air vent cleaning service, ensuring the environment is hygienic and impurities-free. If your duct smells terrible, it’s time to get it cleaned by a professional. Call us for the best air conditioner cleaning service.

        We follow a simple process to ensure your duct heating and cooling system is cleaned to the highest standard. Our certified and experienced will carry out this process accurately and safely.

        • Firstly, our technicians will inspect each part of the duct and analyse its working performance. We will also include a carbon monoxide test to check for dangerous leaks or faults. We will also look for dirt, debris, pollen, and animal droppings, which will help us use the correct cleaning method.

        • We will remove all grills and air filters from the heating or cooling system. We will then remove pollutants using compressed air. We use an active cleaning agent to clean these parts of the system.

        • We then remove and clean the fan, motor, air filters, and other components with compressed air. We aim to clean each part of the system thoroughly.

        • Our technicians will also clean all duct lines with the help of the latest cleaning equipment. It will break up and collect contaminants. This will be done by inserting a hose and a rotating brush inside the duct. It will clean the duct effectively from within.

        • After cleaning the duct, we will sanitise the system using quality products and leave your duct clean and fresh.

        Why Choose Us for Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne?

        Our technicians are fully trained and trustworthy and perform each cleaning job perfectly and efficiently. We focus on promoting healthy indoor air, reducing associated health problems, and helping people to live healthy lives.

        The workmanship and great attention to detail are some features that distinguish us from other commercial and residential duct cleaning service providers in Melbourne.

        • We are a quality-endorsed heating duct cleaning company in Melbourne.

        • We use advanced technology and equipment for ducting heating service.

        • We ensure an excellent duct cleaning near me job with minimal stress.

        • With years of experience in the industry, we assure you that your heating and cooling systems are in safe hands.

        • We have a proven track record of hundreds of highly positive heating duct cleaning reviews.

        • Our team of cleaning technicians are certified, dependable, and highly skilled.

        • Comprehensive ducted heating cleaning in Melbourne is competitive and affordable.

        • You can choose various payment methods with flexible payment options.

        • Our commercial and residential duct cleaning in Melbourne offers 100% customer satisfaction.

        • We perform each cleaning task with honesty and integrity.

        • We pride ourselves on meeting all duct cleaning needs of the clients above every other priority.

        • We use safe and eco-friendly chemicals and other products for duct cleaning.

        Equipment We Use for Ducted Heating Cleaning Service

        We use advanced technology to clean ducted air conditioning in Melbourne. Our certified technicians use all the latest equipment for electric or gas-powered models. They also ensure the use of all safety products because this job involves bacteria, debris, and chemicals.

        Whether residential or commercial duct cleaning in Melbourne, we use lightweight and low-powered electrical units that enable us to access hard-to-reach areas. This equipment also effectively reduces harmful fumes during the air conditioning duct cleaning.

        Our professionals wear rubber gloves, respirators, eye protectors, and protective body suits to ensure safety during air conditioner cleaning service. Heavy-duty industrial duct cleaning jobs use truck and trailer-mounted models that can be electrically or gas-powered, depending on the accessibility.

        We have various brushes for ducted air conditioning cleaning projects. We use the right brush to eradicate debris, and we use the right equipment to do the job correctly the first time.

        Maintenance Checklist

        • Visual Inspection: Examine your air ducts visually, searching for obvious evidence of damage, debris, or dust. Look out for any disconnected or loose ductwork.

        • Change Filters: As the manufacturer directs, replace or clean your HVAC system’s air filters. Clogged filters can obstruct airflow and reduce system efficiency.

        • Remove Debris: Use a hose attachment and a vacuum brush to clean the ducts for any visible dust, dirt, or debris. Avoid forcing more debris into the ductwork.

        • Seal Leaks: Use metal tape or mastic sealant to plug any gaps or leaks found in the ductwork. Leaky ducts can result in energy waste.

        • Clean Registers and Grilles: Remove and clean the registers and grilles to enhance airflow and avoid blockages. Use a vacuum or a moist cloth.

        • Check Insulation: Examine the duct insulation. Temperature fluctuations and energy loss may result from missing or damaged insulation.

        • Schedule Professional Cleaning: If there is significant dust, mould, or contaminant buildup, have your air ducts professionally cleaned every 3-5 years or sooner.

        Post Checklist For Duct Cleaning

        Get the best air duct and vent cleaning service in Melbourne. A visual inspection will determine if your heat or cold duct is adequately cleaned. Here is the post-checklist that you can follow.

        • Check that ductwork is appropriately cleaned and in good working condition.

        • Check that return covers are visible clearly.

        • Check that duct plenums are cleaned satisfactorily.

        • Check that all the internal components of the ducts are cleaned properly.

        • Check that the duct is working perfectly.

        • Check that all the ducted heating or cooling system parts are in their places.

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          ‘Wow’ is all we can say. Hilux really turned our property around after we commissioned him for duct cleaning services. A+ Service Really Happy
          Services: Heating system maintenance, Heating system repair, HVAC duct & vent cleaning

          Andrew Sexton


          Hilux Duct Cleaning offers duct cleaning services at a reasonable price. They clean the ducts with high-tech equipment and a safe solution. They are actual experts and best duct cleaners in melbourne. I’ve utilized their service three times and am quite pleased with it.  Keep up the good work
          Service: HVAC duct & vent cleaning

          Allan Smith


          When I switched on my ducted heating system, it gave off a really foul odor. I had it cleaned by three different businesses and was dissatisfied with the results until a friend recommended Hilux Duct Cleaning. They were really responsive and efficient, ensuring that a high level of service was provided.
          Service: HVAC duct & vent cleaning

          Leo Davis

          Frequently Asked Questions

          First of all, remove the vent covers and warm them properly. Then, allow them to dry completely. After this, clean the dust and debris in the vent. We provide the best ducted heating cleaning in Melbourne.
          No matter where the vent mount is mounted, you need to follow these steps to clean the ducted aircon vents.
          • First of all, remove the vents.
          • Now, vacuum the ducts to clean the dust and dirt.
          • Remove extra dust and dirt from the vents using a duster.
          • Use soapy water to soak the vents for 10-15 minutes.
          • Clean vents and dry them thoroughly.
          Then, replace the air filters and turn on your HVAC system.
          No. Instead, duct cleaning will save you money by lowering energy bills.
          Yes, duct cleaning benefits you in various ways, such as improving indoor air quality, eliminating mould growth, cigarette smoke smell, pet hair, etc.
          Yes. When ducts are dirty, or there is mould growth in the ductwork, you need to clean the ducts.
          For duct cleaning, our technicians take 3-5 hours. The exact time to clean your air duct system depends on its size.
          The landlord is responsible for duct cleaning. Excessive dust and debris can hinder the performance of the system. So, to avoid getting complaints from tenants, get those ducts cleaned.
          Yes, apartments are required to clean air ducts. By law, duct cleaning may not be mandatory, but landlords must provide clean ducts to the tenants.
          Duct cleaning means cleaning the entire duct system, whether heating or cooling, by professionals using high-quality and advanced duct cleaning equipment.
          The best way to clean air ducts is to call duct cleaning professionals. We provide the most reliable air conditioner cleaning service in all suburbs of Melbourne.
          You need to get your ducts cleaned every 3-5 years. This time varies depending on the size of the system, mould growth, cleanliness in and around the house, etc.
          If you are looking for the best duct cleaning near me in Melbourne, call Hilux Cleaning for the best solution.
          If the ducts are not cleaned, it affects the system's efficiency. As a result of this, it requires higher power to work. Also, uncleaned ducts collect dust particles, mould, pollen, etc., affecting air quality.
          Yes, the cleaned cooling coils, fans, and heat exchangers improve the performance of the heating and cooling system.
          For cleaning residential air ducts, ensure to hire a professional. We use advanced equipment and methods to clean all types and sizes of air ducts.
          The cost of commercial duct cleaning in Melbourne starts at $200. It will be higher depending on the number of ducts and others.
          Residential duct cleaning costs range from $200 to $600.

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