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    Professional Duct Cleaning Service | Dromana

    Hilux Duct Cleaning is your one-stop shop for all your duct cleaning services. There are many different types of services that we provide in Dromana. For starters, we have a team of professionals that is second to none. We ensure that all members of our cleaning crew are well trained and prepared. We make sure that they have knowledge about the various air ducts and how to clean them. We also ensure that they have had enough and more training in using various types of equipment that are used for cleaning air ducts.

    At Hilux Duct Cleaning, we use various styles for cleaning air ducts. Here’s a look at the two most common types of duct cleaning that we do:

    • Rotary Brush System: For this method we use a small-sized nozzle with a vacuum air flow of about 150 to 300 cfm. This method is used to pull out small finer particles as larger debris could end up blocking the nozzle. The brush used in this system is a bit too large and may not be able to pass through the dampers, if in case your air conditioning system has them. Though the ability of this system to clean is limited, it does do a fairly good job for most conventional models.
    • Pull Vacuum System: This system has a more powerful air flow of around 2000 cfm. Given its range of power, the pull vacuum system can deal with much larger debris. Even if you have problems with dead rodents or toys stuck in your ducts, this system will be able to clean it out. Unlike the rotary system, the air hose here is small enough to pass through dampers. Since most parts of this system are much smaller in size, they are easy to man oeuvre through smaller ducts.

    Importance of Duct Cleaning

    No matter what kind of duct system you are using, over time there is bound to be a certain build-up of dust and dirt inside your duct. One of the biggest disadvantages you will face here is the poor quality of the air that will now be circulated throughout your living space. This type of air is responsible for causing health related issues. If you have members in your family who suffer from asthma, then the polluted air canvery easily trigger attacks. You are also susceptible to other diseases if you have air ducts that have been contaminated by rodents who carry bacteria and virus.

    But when you have the services of Hilux Duct Cleaning at your disposal, you have nothing to worry about. We know the areas in your duct that need to be targeted and cleaned. We have a crew that knows how to get the job done and to ensure that your ducts remain clean for a longer duration.

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    Hilux Services offers the best flood restoration services in Melbourne. Call us at (03) 4240 3531 and talk to our experts to know more about the right set of instructions and methods to keep your carpets free of dirt, grime, and all flood damage for the most affordable prices across the suburb of Melbourne. Get your free, no-obligation quote from us today!

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      ‘Wow’ is all we can say. Hilux really turned our property around after we commissioned him for duct cleaning services. A+ Service Really Happy
      Services: Heating system maintenance, Heating system repair, HVAC duct & vent cleaning

      Andrew Sexton


      Hilux Duct Cleaning offers duct cleaning services at a reasonable price. They clean the ducts with high-tech equipment and a safe solution. They are actual experts and best duct cleaners in melbourne. I’ve utilized their service three times and am quite pleased with it.  Keep up the good work
      Service: HVAC duct & vent cleaning

      Allan Smith


      When I switched on my ducted heating system, it gave off a really foul odor. I had it cleaned by three different businesses and was dissatisfied with the results until a friend recommended Hilux Duct Cleaning. They were really responsive and efficient, ensuring that a high level of service was provided.
      Service: HVAC duct & vent cleaning

      Leo Davis

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